Expert Risk Assessments

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A service used by family court solicitors where domestic violence is the primary child protection concern and the court has ordered an ESSENTIAL expert risk assessment.

Who is at risk

 Purpose of risk assessment reports


Each report will identify strategies for future risk management and make recommendations for child contact. All reports comply with the latest Practice Direction.

How to make a referral

Family Law Solicitors should call Splitz Support Service on 01225 777724. You will be asked for your details and a member of the risk assessment team will call you back.


Reports will be completed six to eight weeks from receipt of the letter of instruction and court bundle. Please contact us on a case-by-case basis, as our workload varies.


Our fees conform to the codified rate for risk assessment experts set out by the Legal Aid Agency. Costs per case vary, depending on complexity, the number of individuals concerned, the amount of documentation to be examined, and the extent of any travelling involved. Please contact us on a case-by-case basis for an estimate.


We comply with Respect guidance and use the standardized DV-RAF (C Bell, Ahimsa, Date).