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On the same day the BBC domestic abuse documentary 'Behind Closed Doors' was being aired, we had the chilling newspaper article of the tragic deaths of a mum and dad, discovered by their 9 year old daughter.

The tragic incident in Birmingham, reported in the Daily Mirror, at first seemed a drugs overdose, as the 9 year old walked in to discover the horrific scene of both her 34-year-old mum and John Worton, 37, lying dead on the floor. The brave youngster called 999 and told operators “blood was coming out of her dad’s mouth” and she had covered him with a sheet.

It later emerged that at a pre-inquest review hearing heard that evidence had come to light revealing that the mum had been the victim of domestic violence - and had been ‘failed’ by the authorities. Neighbours and the couple’s daughter had detailed Mr Worton’s treatment towards her. “There is considerable evidence that Ms Van Hagen suffered a large amount of domestic violence over a considerable period of time,” said the Solicitor for the family, “Neighbours have revealed Ms Van Hagen’s isolation and the way she was treated by Mr Worton.

A full inquest is to be held in April

Source: Daily Mirror 14 March 2016