Do perpetrator programmes work? I suppose if you think about any behavioural change programme, the honest answer is - maybe! No, that's not quite right. The honest answer is 'it's up to you'.

The programme team can use their skill, their expertise and experience to deliver a well crafted programme, one which challenges, motivates, and provides the 'safe space' to explore what it is that 'ticks' with a perpetrator that allows them to be coercive and to abuse their intimate partner, often in front of the children.

Typical perpetrator programmes such as Splitz's 'Turnaround' are not cheap to deliver and, by their very nature as a group delivery, are limited over the numbers which it is possible to take through at any one time. Turnaround is a 25 week modular programme which is unremitting in its directness, but caring and non-judgemental in its approach to the men on the group.

So, do we have an answer to the original question that was posed - do such programmes work? - appended is a letter (a pdf file via dropbox) from a perpetrator who has completed four of the five modules; who travels a 100 mile round trip every week to attend group; whose original perpetrator activity led him to be subject to a five year restraining order.

Judge for yourself.

Further details about Turnaround can be obtained from programme manager:  Mike Bedford mobile: 07973526880 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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