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How to spot the signs of Domestic Abuse

How do you spot signs of domestic abuse? Particularly coercion and control? A chilling ITV documentary 'Behind Closed Doors - Fear and Control: was broadcast last month.

Without the concept of coercive control, we think about physical abuse and maybe emotional abuse, but it’s easy to miss a wide range of controlling acts including manipulation, intimidation, sexual coercion, and loving deeds that are performed to keep another person from leaving.

The concept of coercive control pulls together these wide-ranging behaviours that so many people - especially women - face in their relationships.


Kind People Good People

Our thanks to the Trustees of The C S Kingston Charity, a small community charity serving the needs of the people of Trowbridge. Their charity scale may be small, but their hearts are large - giving £500 toward the support of our services to vulnerable women in Trowbridge. Thank you!

Good, Safe, and Accessible Advice?

In today’s frenetic information provision environment, with all manner of websites, twitter feeds and facebook entries in operation, it is not difficult to get information at the touch of a button, or at least a ‘google’ search page.

Common sense? What common sense?

The legal niceties trip off the tongue so easily, 'without knowledge of the individual circumstances of the case we cannot make a comment'. But heavens above - and let the photographs speak for themselves - can it be right that a victim of domestic abuse is further victimised by a legal decision based on a totally baffling view of life

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